Gift & Retail

Add the Perfect Complement to Gift Packages with Gaviña
The perfect gift is hard to find, but a gift filled with coffee is as close as it gets! We offer a variety of packaging and color options to fit your theme.

Our pre-ground mini-bricks and portion packs are available in both the Gaviña and Don Francisco brands – we offer several options to fill the gifts you sell with high quality coffee your customers will want to give to all their friends. Contact us for custom product recommendations for your gifting business.

Retail Selections from Gaviña
Coffee can be an impulse buy or a routine purchase. But with Gaviña on your shelves, customers are always making the right choice when they shop. Give your store extra gourmet appeal by offering attractively packaged cans, bricks, and bags for sale to your customers. Contact us to find out more about the retail selections we offer.