Gaviña’s Direct Impact Initiative launches!


The Gaviña Direct Impact initiative is our commitment to providing premium coffee with a “greener” coffee footprint by
making positive changes in every business decision we make so that we can preserve natural resources and our environment
for future generations.

Our sustainability commitment focuses on four core pillars:

Dedication to Farmers
Improving the livelihood and financial stability of small coffee farmers at origin by providing support of community and
educational programs.

Sustainable Sourcing
We work with partners to procure sustainably grown and ethically traded coffee and offer our customers premium coffees
that are certified.

Environmental Sustainability
We focus on six core areas to continually improve operational efficiencies, and minimize the environmental impact of
our business: Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation, Pollution Prevention, and Climate Protection.

Social Stewardship
Respecting people and giving back to the community is the cornerstone of our family tradition. Annually, we support
over 200 charities and organizations globally to increase access to health care and education, and encourage young people to be future leaders in sustainability.