Gaviña supports the EnrichLA garden classroom program at West Vernon Elementary

We are excited to share a little bit about the local school garden we sponsor with non-profit EnrichLA: West Vernon Elementary. Gaviña has been supporting this local garden in partnership with EnrichLA since 2013, and our team of volunteers co-lead garden classes with them. This program teaches kids where their food comes from, and encourages healthier eating habits. The kids love the garden, and take great pride in harvesting the fruits and veggies they have grown themselves.

Recently Gaviña team members Marilee Sweeney and Oswaldo Salcedo helped garden ranger Sara Haston restart their composting system, and taught the kids how composting can make their garden crop increase. This session included a section about the coffee plant/coffee as a great compost ingredient. Composting with coffee will enrich their garden this spring, and make the beautiful fruits and veggies they have been growing thrive! The kids loved to inspect a coffee cherry branch from our Gaviña coffee trees.
We are proud to support EnrichLA as they introduce children in our local community to the joys of growing and harvesting their own food! Thanks to printer Primary Color for donating the composting fence banner, and to EnrichLA for teaching kids about healthy eating. We at Gaviña are proud to be a part of this amazing cause.

About EnrichLA
EnrichLA is a non-profit organization that builds edible gardens in local schools, focusing on low-income and underserved neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Students learn how to plant, maintain the garden, and make a healthy snack from the food they have grown together.