Food & Bounty: Real Food, Real Fresh

Food & Bounty Exterior

One of our newest customers, Helen Cavallo, recently opened the doors to her new restaurant, Food & Bounty, at Sunset Gower Studios….

Food & Bounty Exterior

One of our newest customers, Helen Cavallo, recently opened the doors to her new restaurant, Food & Bounty, at Sunset Gower Studios.

The host of a Disney show called “That’s Fresh”, Helen is passionate about providing fresh food and letting the natural flavor of real food shine – maybe just a hint of olive oil, salt, or fresh herbs to enhance each dish.

“We are getting back to a simpler time, the way our parents and grandparents ate. Real food, real fresh is something we are all entitled to. Why settle for anything else?” – Helen Cavallo

3 Things That Make Food & Bounty A Success:

1. A Strong Theme

The “Fresh” aspect of Food & Bounty is in everything they do. As Helen puts it, “Fresh is clean and bright and feels good when you see it.” This theme comes to life in the menu, the outdoor garden from UrbanLA Farms, and the store’s interior design.

Food & Bounty Interior 
The menu at Food & Bounty frequently features simple dishes cooked using fresh ingredients that are locally sourced.

Helen Cavallo, Food & Bounty

Some of the fresh food comes from Food & Bounty’s LAUrban Farms garden. To see more about LAUrban Farms, visit their website and instagram page!

Food & Bounty Interior 
We love how simple, bright, and clean Food & Bounty’s interior it is. It really does look fresh from the moment you walk in the door.

2. Focus on Quality

Helen’s customers love the high quality food she prepares. “I remember growing up and having a garden in my backyard. Now we grow a lot of our veggies in our front yard at Food & Bounty like lettuce, broccoli, peppers, and eggplant! We provide real food, real fresh,” Helen said.

“Growing up, we shared what we grew and shared tips on growing using simple organic materials to compost and fight bugs with left over scraps of food, like egg shells, watermelon rinds, and coffee, too. The word for Organic didn’t exist for us either, because, like, what else was there? There was only what we now call organic.” – Helen Cavallo

3. Social Media

Food & Bounty Instagram Photos

Reaching over 400 followers in two months, Food & Bounty’s Instagram account draws in new customers with mouth-watering photos of delicious dishes. See more of their photos at Food & Bounty’s Instagram.

“I was a very late bloomer to social media because I thought it was for teenagers… Social media is such a great way to connect to so many people all at once… I think all of us eat with our eyes first, so social media is a great way to tell a story with few words.” – Helen Cavallo

Helen’s Advice for New Foodservice Establishments

On Food & Bounty’s first day, Helen said the team was so concerned about the big picture tasks – the food, the quality, and the workflow – that they forgot one crucial part to opening their business. Their first customer showed up and her team was very excited to help them, but there was no change in the cash drawer!

Helen says she won’t forget to have change in the cash register again, but she is happy everything else went smoothly on her first day. Helen confirms, “When you love what you do, your day flies by!”

To find out more about Food & Bounty, visit their website!