Family Story

At the heart of everything we do is family.

Coffee Is a Family Tradition
The history of our coffee company is a story about family. Brothers José María and Ramón Gaviña began this quest well over a century ago in 1870 when they left their native Basque region of Spain in search of a better life. They settled in the fertile mountains of southern Cuba and planted the seeds of what would become Gaviña Gourmet Coffee.

Our father, Francisco, was born on the family coffee estate, Hacienda Buenos Aires. As a boy, he worked in the fields with his own father, watching and learning the secrets of growing quality coffee. He spent hours upon hours helping sow the seeds and urging the little plants to grow.

Ever since, there have been Gaviñas running our coffee business – from our coffee growing roots in 1870 to our coffee roasting business in Los Angeles founded in 1967. Today, we carry on the dream in our state-of-the-art coffee roasting facility just a few blocks from our original building.

We are Francisco’s sons, Paco, Pedro and José, and his daughter, Leonor Gaviña-Valls. Like our father, we grew up on the plantation and learned about coffee in the fields. Along with our own children, we still personally select beans, cup samples as they arrive and oversee the specialty coffee roasting and production every day. We do all of this so that your customers and guests can be ensured a wonderful cup of coffee every time, from first sip to final drop.

“My father said coffee runs through our veins. Perhaps that explains why I think everyone deserves a great cup.”

Leonor Gaviña-Valls, Vice President of Marketing

Continuing the Dream of José María & Ramón
It’s rare to find a company today that’s managed by people born and raised in an artful profession, who remain as passionate as ever about their product. We are fortunate that our family and our brand have stood the test of time, but the story is far from over. We look forward to our children and future generations of Gaviñas making us just as proud by continuing the tradition begun by Don Francisco many decades ago—the simple pleasure of a delicious, finely roasted cup of coffee.

The Gaviña Family Includes You
Why does our family legacy matter? Because we see our customers as extended family—and that relationship is built on trust. We believe you deserve the full benefit of our family’s expertise and passion for quality. The immense knowledge and wisdom passed down from our father, Francisco, are at the core of our business to this day.

  • We offer the highest grade of coffee at the best value
  • We purchase only the finest quality coffee beans from around the world
  • We personally cup each sample to ensure that it meets our standards
  • We provide an unmatched commitment to personal service
  • We use modern coffee roasting technology and packaging to guarantee outstanding quality

Our name is our brand, and you’ll find it on every product we sell. We put our love of coffee into everything we do.