Chai Tea-A Fall Favorite.


With the increased consumption of tea and consumer preference for bolder, spicier flavors, Chai tea, has become a
popular choice. Chai tea is an intensely flavored tea that blends black tea with a combination of cinnamon, ginger,
pepper, and cardamom.

Gaviña offers two Chai tea flavors that include Spiced and Vanilla which make for a delicious indulgent hot or cold drink this fall.
Our products are: Gluten-Free, Kosher, No trans-fat, No hydrogenated oils

Try this delicious Chai Tea drink

Dirty Chai Tea Latte
1 scoop of Gaviña Spiced Chai Tea mix
2 oz. of Gaviña Espresso
8 oz. Steamed Milk
Prepare a double shot of espresso. Steam milk, then add Spiced Chai tea mix to warm milk and stir.
Pour espresso in a cup then pour the Chai Tea Milk mixture.