CGV & Gaviña Coffee-A Partnership in Coffee & Beyond.

We take care of our partners.


When CGV cinemas in Koreatown went in search of a new coffee purveyor they did not expect to find a partner that not only sold them coffee but became a true partner helping them grow their business.  Our Sales Representative,
Esther Cho, armed with her extensive coffee & beverage background worked closely with Michael Kim, CGV’s Food & Beverage Manager, to develop their current beverage menu. CGV customers prefer a specific coffee roast profile and Esther worked diligently
to find the perfect roast for their customers.

In addition, Esther consulted with CGV on other beverage opportunities including smoothies, blended drinks as well as equipment, syrups and cups. Michael appreciates not having to deal with several vendors and loves the “one-stop” shop Gaviña offers.  

We asked Michael what he expects from a business partnership with his vendors.

Nothing beats quality. We pride ourselves in providing the best experience to our customers and need to make sure we are offering quality products.

We value partners and expect them to be experts in what they sell. I appreciate having a sales representative that can answer any questions about the product and provide recommendations to help me build my business.  

A company that treats its employees & the environment with respect is the type of company I want to partner with. Gaviña’s sustainability efforts & strong family culture show they genuinely care, demonstrating a tremendous amount of character.