Bring Out the Best in Your Specialty Coffees with Training
We are committed to helping you serve the best coffee you can, from selecting and roasting the perfect coffee beans to providing you with the training you need to brew like an expert. We offer training in Coffee Basics, Espresso, and Brewing. We’re always expanding our knowledge, so check back for new training classes often.

Join us at our Vernon, California location for training, or you can invite us to your location to do training on-site. Contact us to customize a training for you and your staff.

Areas of Expertise
Cupping: This is the time-honored art of evaluating a cup of coffee for taste, aroma, color, and more as the coffee goes through the process of cooling. You will learn to identify and appreciate each aspect of our fine coffees with precision.
Sensory Skills: Learn to pay attention to input from all of your senses as you prepare and test various coffees. This heightened state of awareness gives you the ability to really understand when you are getting the coffee preparation process right.
Espresso & Milk Preparation: Making a cup of specialty coffee quickly, accurately, and with finesse is definitely a learned skill. Get expert lessons in espresso and milk preparation—two of the most challenging aspects of coffee making.
Brewed Coffee Methods: Do you need to make coffee by the cup, or by the gallon? It’s not a straightforward equation going from single serving to batch brewing. Find out how to bring out the best in our coffees for every occasion.
Coffee Equipment: Machinery always delivers the best results when it’s used properly. We’re happy to provide setup, service, and training for all Gaviña equipment. Check out our Equipment and Service Page for more information,

Our Commitment to Coffee and Our Customers
We want every cup of coffee served with the Gaviña name to reflect well on our brand. We would love to turn you into an expert coffee brewer.