Gaviña Iced Tea

Exceed your customers’ expectations with our traditional and specialty Iced Teas. In our collection, you’ll find black, green, and herbal tea blends grown in tea gardens across the globe.

We also offer a select range of flavored teas that are infused with the essence of fruits including mango, peach, and passion fruit. Decaffeinated green tea and naturally caffeine-free hibiscus tea serve the needs of those who love sipping tea but don’t want the caffeine.

Gaviña recommends offering at least three Iced Tea options to satisfy a broad range of tastes:

  • A traditional black iced tea
  • A flavored black or green iced tea
  • A decaffeinated or caffeine-free tea

Contact us for a custom Iced Tea recommendation for your business.

Art of Tea Eco Pyramid Bag

Tea making is a craft, from growing and preparation all the way through presentation. We’re proud to offer these custom, hand blended organic tea selections from the Art of Tea right here in California. It’s a familiar but exquisite tea experience conveniently packaged in biodegradable tea bags. Find a range of robust, fruity, floral, and spicy accents here.

Stash Tea Sachets

These fine traditional, flavored, spiced, and herbal teas are perfect for slow sipping. Find soothing Chamomile and tangy Wild Raspberry, along with favorite standbys like Earl Grey and English breakfast teas. Caffeinated and decaf varieties are available.