Food Service for Business

We take care of our partners.

The Finest Coffee for Your Business

You pour your heart and soul into your business. The least we can do is help pour the coffee.

At Gaviña, we partner with our customers to grow their coffee business. With more than 150 years of experience, our family brings you coffee that is guaranteed to satisfy your customers. We are well known for our:

  • High quality coffee sourced and roasted with utmost care
  • Consistent taste, batch after batch
  • Variety of origins, flavors, roast colors, decafs, and more
  • Established status as a premium coffee supplier
  • Strong relationships in key coffee growing regions
  • Sustainable and efficient operations for coffee roasting and packaging

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Office Coffee Service

Gaviña has partnered with OCS Operators for Over 40 Years
Our partners have been like family to us for a long time, and we know they feel the same way. Why? Because we take care of our partners with the very best service – fast shipping, easy ordering, best in class customer service, and over 110 varieties of coffee. We have great coffees to satisfy every need.

As a nationally emerging brand, we have the clout to get your customers excited about our coffees. For us, consistency is the name of the game – you can rely on us for the perfect single origin, blend, flavored coffee, or decaf with the same perfect taste every time.

Employees Love Great Coffee
Employees should arrive at the office eager to start brewing their favorite office perk. In a breakroom stocked with Gaviña Gourmet Coffee or Don Francisco’s Family Reserve, that’s what happens every morning.

We know that the quality of our products impacts your reputation and your success as an office coffee supplier. That’s why we make sure your customers notice the superior flavor and consistency in our expertly roasted coffee beans from the world’s best growing regions. With so many options, your only challenge will be helping customers decide which flavors to try first!

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Vending & Micro Market

Offer Gourmet Coffee in Your Vending And Micro Market Business
If you are in the coffee vending industry, you know that making each cup of coffee a completely satisfying experience can be challenging. We’re here to promise that it doesn’t have to be.

At Gaviña, We Roast to Your Success
Here at Gaviña, consistency is our middle name. You can expect the same exact quality coffee and taste profile each and every batch, which means you’ll never hear a complaint from one of your customers as long as you serve Gaviña coffee.

We offer a variety of our most popular items and a few special blends just for vending.

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