Premium Coffee Solutions for Your Business

Whole Bean

We offer a broad range of delicious whole bean Single Origins, Espressos, Special Roasts and Blends, Flavored Coffees, and Decafs to fit a variety of taste profiles. We preserve quality in every batch with our carefully designed coffee selection, roasting, and packing process.

Ground Coffee

Our ground coffees are perfect for the convenience of pre-portioned, pre-ground coffee ensuring the freshness and consistency of each brew. Bags are nitrogen flushed to keep these fine coffees fresh. Portion Pack Coffees are available in Single Origins, Special Roasts and Blends, Flavored Coffees, and Decafs.


Our time-honored espresso roasting tradition dates back to 1870 on our estate in Cuba. We offer a perfect selection of espressos, including smooth sipping espressos, and bold espressos that make delicious specialty drinks. Available in whole bean, ground, and pods.

Single Origin

Each coffee has its own unique flavor profile due to the soil that it’s grown in and the way that it’s harvested and processed. With our Single Origin coffees, your customers can enjoy the distinctive taste of each origin. Enjoy our specialty coffees from around the world.


Using our exacting standards for quality and sustainability, we purchase our coffee from farmers around the world. The best Arabica beans grow in the mountainous regions between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. This is called the Coffee Belt, and it’s where Gaviña coffee beans get their start.

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