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Tis the season for Holiday flavors!

Nov 14 2016
Tis the season for Holiday flavors!

Seasonal fall and winter flavors offer a cozy and comforting feeling when the weather is not so warm outside.
As excitement brews among customers for their favorite seasonal flavors this offers a profitable opportunity
to add holiday items to your menu.
*50% of customers wish their seasonal coffee treats were available all year
*Hispanic consumers are big fans of seasonal flavors, 69% will purchase the same item in different seasonal flavors!

Tips to maximize seasonal flavors
•    Consider food pairings--a slice of Pumpkin pie & coffee  
•    Don’t limit your seasonal items to just food items, offer both hot and cold seasonal beverages

Top Hot Beverage Flavors
1.    Pumpkin Spice
2.    Peppermint
3.    Gingerbread
Source: Fona Int’l, 2016 Flavor Insight reports


Gavina Pumpkin Spice Coffee Poster

Gaviña Seasonal Coffee Signage

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