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Market Restaurants and Catering

May 12 2015
Market Restaurants and Catering

Market Restaurants and Catering is a cafe with two locations in Downtown Los Angeles - inside the Cooper Building and inside the LA Mart Reef Building.

Market has strong branding that evolves to stay hip and current, not just because they have a vision for their stores, but also because they are located in the heart of Downtown LA's Fashion District.

Jane Olivia Paik, Director of Special Events and Catering of Market

Jane Olivia Paik, Director of Special Events and Catering of Market, breaks down the importance of Market's branding for us.

OUR BRAND SAYS that we provide high quality food and beverage using seasonal, organic product whenever possible.

OUR STORE IS down-to-earth. We want our food to be healthy, fun, and creative.

WE PROVIDE great food and service that is easy and fast, without compromising quality.

Our customers love the Gaviña brand!

OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE the Gaviña brand! Customers know they can always count on the quality and taste.

EVERY DAY, WE USE Facebook. We share our Daily Specials, Hot Soups, and Agua Fresca of the Day.

ON SOCIAL MEDIA, WE SHARE photos of our cafe food, catering food, and special events.

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