The Gaviña family, owners of F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc., has issued the following statement regarding COVID-19 at their headquarters in Vernon, California:

“We are a coffee family at F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc., where the health and safety of our employees is our top priority. Unfortunately, since the onset of this global pandemic our communities have been impacted with thousands of COVID-19 cases, including nine members of the F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. team; however, no new cases […]

La familia Gaviña, dueños de F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc., emitió la siguiente declaración sobre COVID-19 en su sede en Vernon, California

“En F. Gaviña & Sons, Inc. somos una familia dedicada al café, y la salud y la seguridad de nuestros empleados es nuestra principal prioridad. Desafortunadamente, desde el inicio de esta pandemia global, nuestras comunidades se han visto afectadas con miles de casos de COVID-19, incluyendo a nueve miembros del equipo de F. Gaviña & […]

Gaviña Celebrates 50 Years in L.A.

   Gaviña is turning 50! 50 years ago, our family—Anatolia and Francisco Gaviña and their children Paco, Pedro, Jose, and Leonor—started a coffee roasting company in Los Angeles. We leased an 1100 square foot building in Vernon, purchased a small roaster from a Bob’s Big Boy restaurant and by June of 1967 we were roasting, […]

Chai Tea-A Fall Favorite.

  With the increased consumption of tea and consumer preference for bolder, spicier flavors, Chai tea, has become a popular choice. Chai tea is an intensely flavored tea that blends black tea with a combination of cinnamon, ginger,pepper, and cardamom. Gaviña offers two Chai tea flavors that include Spiced and Vanilla which make for a […]

Gaviña’s Direct Impact Initiative launches!

  The Gaviña Direct Impact initiative is our commitment to providing premium coffee with a “greener” coffee footprint by making positive changes in every business decision we make so that we can preserve natural resources and our environmentfor future generations. Our sustainability commitment focuses on four core pillars: Dedication to FarmersImproving the livelihood and financial […]